Buckfast Honeybee Package Colony – April


3 lbs. of honeybees in a box

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Three pounds of honeybees in a screened box, with a mated queen. Does not come with drawn comb, so this product is better for those who have equipment with drawn comb already on the frames, or for established beekeepers who have lost a hive. A can of sugar syrup is placed within the package box to provide food for the trip, and the queen is in a separate cage within the box.


Buckfast Honeybees – Are a hybrid breed of honeybee developed by Brother Adam at Buckfast Abbey in Devon, England in the early 1900s. They are a cross between many subspecies and strains of honeybees. Buckfast bees are known for being docile and not aggressive. They are also highly resistant to the tracheal mite, which can cause devastating colony loss. They have a low tendency to swarm, they are economical in the use of winter stores, they are accustomed to building up the hive size quickly in the spring, and they are often compared to the Carniolan honeybee.


These packages will arrive the in the 1st or 2nd week of April. These girls are Italian and coming up from California. Available for local pickup in Salina, KS only.


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