Italian Honeybee Package Colony – April


3 lbs. of honeybees in a box

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Three pounds of honeybees in a screened box, with a mated queen. Does not come with drawn comb, so this product is better for those who have equipment with drawn comb already on the frames, or for established beekeepers who have lost a hive. A can of sugar syrup is placed within the package box to provide food for the trip, and the queen is in a separate cage within the box.


Italian Honeybees – (Apis mellifera ligustica) Are a subspecies of the western honeybee. They are the most popular bees in North America, and are known for being gentle, good honey producers, and creating strong colonies. Italian bees are adaptable to different climates and are typically reared in the south. In colder climates, they have difficulty forming tight clusters because they need to consume extra food.


These packages will arrive the in the 1st or 2nd week of April. These girls are Italian and coming up from California. Available for local pickup in Salina, KS only.


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