5 Frame Carniolan Honeybee Nucleus Colony


Five Langstroth frame colony with comb

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Looking to get into beekeeping? A nucleus colony is the perfect colony for you! Five Langstroth frames, all drawn out with beeswax and a thriving colony which is ready to start building. The queen is mated and in egg-laying production, and you will see all stages of development on these frames– from newly laid eggs to emerging newborn honeybees.  This type of colony will give you a jump start on your new hives.


Carniolan Honeybees (a.k.a. Carny’s) – Known for their winter hardiness, rapid spring buildup, and exceptional honey production. They have a genetic trait to swarm and are less prone to hive robbing. Carniolan honeybees are adapted to long hot summers and cold winters, making them the ideal choice for many beekeepers all across the US. They are also known for responding quickly to changes in food sources, being as gentle as Italians, flying at cooler temperatures, and being thrifty with stored honey reserves during winter.


These girls will be coming from California, and they will be available for local pickup in Salina, KS onlyThese will arrive towards middle to end of April.


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