5 Frame Italian Honeybee Nucleus Colony


Five Langstroth frame colony with comb

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Looking to get into beekeeping? A nucleus colony is the perfect colony for you! Five Langstroth frames, all drawn out with beeswax and a thriving colony which is ready to start building. The queen is mated and in egg-laying production, and you will see all stages of development on these frames– from newly laid eggs to emerging newborn honeybees.  This type of colony will give you a jump start on your new hives.


Italian Honeybees – (Apis mellifera ligustica) Are a subspecies of the western honeybee. They are the most popular bees in North America, and are known for being gentle, good honey producers, and creating strong colonies. Italian bees are adaptable to different climates and are typically reared in the south. In colder climates, they have difficulty forming tight clusters because they need to consume extra food.


These girls will be coming from California, and they will be available for local pickup in Salina, KS only. These will arrive towards middle to end of April.


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